I may be the only who loses his mind when I see a perfectly tailored Hugo Boss suit in the sleeves, hem of the trousers and waist of the suit jacket but, subliminally, many people are immediately judging you depending on what you wear whether it’s a $9,695 Kiton dark blue suit or a tee-shirt and cargo shorts.  It is seen that what you wear can have as much as an impact as how you behave but, more on that later. This post is meant to enlighten the many individuals out there who want to rise up the ladder of success and how they can do so by simply improving the way they dress. Now, of course, simply throwing on a tailored Giorgio Armani suit paired with House of Testoni oxfords isn’t enough for you to rise to the position of CEO however, the aforementioned articles of clothing can possibly help you climb that ladder if you already obtain phenomenal work ethic, fortified ambition and the will to be one step ahead of the competition.

           I’ve never been the type of person who gets a plethora of attention; for the most part, I’ve been a shy and reserved person by nature and have always been self-conscious about the way that I carry myself. For most of my life, my personal style has been the last thing on mind but as of recently (junior year of high school) I decided to buy my first pair of lace up dress shoes in which I would argue has been one of the most life changing events in my life besides fitness. The amount of compliments and varies instances of attention that I would receive would be quite unusual but reassuring at the same time; I do believe the amount of attention went slightly to my head but I try to be humble about it. At that moment is when I decided to completely revolutionize my wardrobe and curate an interchangeable one with staple and timeless menswear items ranging from v neck sweaters, button down oxfords, slim fit chinos and Chelsea boots. Ever since, what most people would call “dressing fancy” has become second nature and my everyday wear after constantly having the “dress the impress” mentality. It’s not uncommon that I go to different retail stores shopping and have customers coming up to me thinking I’m the manager, I find it quite comical but simultaneously flattering. When you dress the part, many people would instantly associate you with power even if that’s not the case but remember, the main objective is to dress the part and actually have it too.


          If anecdotes aren’t enough to prove that dressing the part is an instrumental factor in a business (or any setting) setting, then some studies may pique your interest.  In an excerpt Professional Characteristics Communicated by Formal Versus Casual Workplace Attire from the Business Communication Quarterly, it is stated that,

“a recent survey found that 41 percent of employers  stated that employees who dressed professionally  were more likely to be promoted. This figure rises to 55 percent in certain industries such as financial services” (Haefner, 2008).

From a business or corporate perspective, it is seen that those employees who are well dressed are believed to curate more favorable impressions with peers and clients. Not only that but it can be argued that “business attire is not a mere preliminary to serious communication but is itself a form of communication” (DeKay 2009).  What you wear can project different messages and certain levels of attire can emit certain types of qualities. A survey conducted  by Peter W. Cardon and  Ephraim A. Okoro demonstrates that,

“Formal business attire projects authoritativeness and competence, somewhat formal business attire is associated with productivity and trustworthiness, and less formal business attire is associated with creativity and friendliness. These characteristics are interpreted in similar manner across ethnicity and gender” (Cardon and Okoro, 2009).

navy-2Of course, dressing a certain way can project certain traits but all is useless if you don’t utilize being well dressed. Being well dressed is the icing on the cake, having the skills and work ethic of a CEO is what is most needed and is what will ultimately seal the day. It may not seem like much but being meticulous with you style such as accessorizing and pinpointing your clothing fit does not go unnoticed. Many would be surprised how something as minimal as pinstripe navy blazer vs an ordinary solid navy blazer, a pocket square or even a properly tucked in tailored dress shirt (not having a muffin top) can elevate you in the eyes of many. It is those who take the time to nail down their style after having their work ethic in play that have the edge over the competition. Now my fellow readers, go out there and finesse with style.


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